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Delight your customers everywhere, and every time through quick, personalized service

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Automated Regression Testing

Complete regression testing faster for all future releases, while using SAFe methodology .

“Don’t rely on what you think your customers think, know what they think”

– Marley Majcher

Customized services, near real-time responses, and a seamless digital experience (Link to digital experience) are must-haves for any business that serves digitally connected customers. Reimagine customer relationships with the innovative omnichannel presence offered by Salesforce, everywhere and round-the-clock. Revitalize your CRM solutions with the customer-centric approach of Salesforce to increase sales, boost productivity, and improve customer service – while reducing operational cost and time-to-market.

Our Approach

Our Offerings

With our expertise in delivering Salesforce solutions, we ensure you transformative business results. Explore our portfolio of Salesforce offerings to experience agility and speed of delivery.

Custom Development

Community cloud

Salesforce Implementation Services

Augment your business acumen and foster meaningful relationships using our experience with custom Salesforce implementation.

After comprehensively analyzing your business, existing processes, and digital requirements, we offer custom Salesforce solutions in line with your company’s current and future standing. Existing Salesforce users are provided consultancy for platform optimization and growth.

Our Salesforce implementation services span:

  • Sales cloud
  • Marketing cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Service cloud

Custom Salesforce Development Services

At Analysts, we assess your needs and build a custom Salesforce solution to meet those. We understand your specific channels and processes to build a solution that is tailor-made for you using Agile methodology.

Our custom Salesforce development services include:

  • Apex
  • Visual Force
  • Workflow, Triggers
  • Webservice
  • AppExchange
  • Lightning Ready Application

Salesforce Consulting Services

We can create a comprehensive CRM roadmap for you to augment growth and ensure optimal production through automation. We assist you in generating a scalable plan that contributes to your long-term success

Our custom Salesforce development offerings:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • CRM Strategy
  • Business Process Blueprinting
  • Lightning Migration
  • Fit Gap Analysis
  • DevOps
  • Managed Services

Salesforce Integration Services

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce into your existing platform to achieve the desired results in terms of efficiency and productivity. Salesforce integration will decrease churn, promote cross-sales opportunities, and referrals. Use Salesforce’s latest technologies and tools to drive business innovation, digitization, and growth.

Our Salesforce integration offerings include:

  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Data Migration using Build in/ 3rd party products
  • Analytics and Reporting Integration
  • 3rd Party Product integrations (DocuSign, MapAnything, Data loader, Dupecatcher etc.)

Community Cloud

Drive higher revenue with increased traffic volume, high conversion rates, and better average order value through a unified customer experience with our community cloud implementation.

Our Salesforce community cloud offerings span:

  • CTI Integrations
  • Partner Cloud
  • Customer Community Cloud

Our Differentiators

Our key differentiators are strategic assessment, enterprise cloud capability, and delivery speed. We transform your sales, marketing, customer service, and cloud strategy with our expertise in making Salesforce plug business gaps and enhance processes for you..

Our Areas Of Expertise

Lead Management

Manage leads, contacts, and accounts effectively through a custom process flow that suits your organization. Improve connectivity with your prospects through third-party telephony apps.

Email Database Management

Integrate and sync your webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendars with Salesforce. Connect better with your contacts through automated emails in predesigned formats and integrations with your marketing tool(s).

Sales performance management & reporting

Track the performance of your sales team through reports, dashboards, tabs, and pages designed and customized to meet your unique needs

Sales Funnel Management

Control and monitor your sales funnel starting from the stage of forecasting, revenue scheduling to revenue recognition. Integrate your diverse information systems seamlessly at each step of the sales funnel for better analytical capabilities and insights.

Customer Support & Service

Provide personalized support to your customers over phone, email, social media channels, self-help pages, and communities, and increase service agent efficiency.

Application Integration

Integrate your web applications, analytics tools, marketing tools, and content management services seamlessly with Salesforce to leverage an integrated full-service platform.

Subscription Management

Manage the workflow of your subscription-based products/services easily by using customized process flows, tabs, and dashboards.

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