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Retail Technology

Renew your customers’ experience with innovative technology solutions

Case Study

Predicting Buying Decisions

We helped one of our clients in the retail industry leverage the ability to interpret customer behavior from past purchases.

Get the advantage of Analysts’ core technological strengths to power your business and race ahead of your competition

Omnichannel commerce to deliver a consistent, seamless customer experience

Predict end-user behaviour for up-sell, cross-sell and retention using advanced analytics solutions

Leverage mobile devices to create highly engaging in-store and digital shopping experiences

Improve collaboration, inventory and promotions management within and across stores

Harness transactional and demographic data to generate useful customer insights

Improve in-store customer experience through our customized IoT solutions

Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream

Click & Mortar business models, omnichannel commerce and the explosion of mobile payment technologies have reinvented the way things run, and what customers get out of retail stores. Innovations in mobility have enabled store owners to have a more intimate dialog with customers through personalized deals and in-store push messages that spur sales. There is a stronger need to provide shoppers with faster checkouts and immersive in-store experiences now than ever before to stand out of the competition.

Analysts can help you improve your in-store experience through our deep experience of orchestrating software solutions for retail store chains.

How can we help?

  • Omnichannel checkouts for superior customer experience
  • Provide a smooth cash point to your customers to collect/tender information, redeem loyalty points, gift vouchers, coupon codes or apply for promotions
  • Inventory management solutions
  • Provide central control of POS promotions, pricing, and security
  • Sales performance and workforce management solutions
  • Implement forecasting engines to help sales predictions and stock replenishment

E-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, well supported by the proliferation of mobile apps, superior devices, and payment technologies. Owing to low entry barriers and the fact customers can switch providers effortlessly, e-commerce firms need to respond very quickly to the latest trends that shape the future of the online shopping industry. While chatbots are still in its infancy, friction-less shopping experience and personalization powered by analytics are some of the non-negotiables in a winning e-commerce strategy.

Analysts, with its extensive experience across e-commerce platforms and custom applications, can help you architect a solution that delivers superior shopping experience to your customers.

How can we help?

  • Implement optimized e-commerce applications to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers
  • Leverage mobile devices and social networks to provide customers a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience
  • Provide best-in-class user experience by implementing engaging web portals
  • Robust content management solutions through various open-source and commercial platforms
  • Advanced business intelligence and analytics solutions to ensure better conversions and optimized operations

Today’s consumers experience multiple touchpoints before making the final purchase decision. With the growing mobile and online engagement, consumers interact over multiple channels to research and evaluate their purchase options. Omnichannel influences the buying behavior and patterns of the consumer. Retailers have to cater to the needs of the 21st-century shopper and provide them a consistent and engaging shopping experience anytime anywhere.

Analysts helps the retailers to provide a superior customer experience by creating synergies across multiple channels with our expertise in Omnichannel orchestrations.

How can we help?

  • Robust order management system to have a seamless integration between order and delivery channels
  • Custom development and support services in areas like online store, social media analytics, user experience, and web content management
  • Enhanced security and authentication services
  • Mobility solutions including Near Field Communication (NFC) applications, mobile coupon management applications, and mobile POS
  • In-store applications including shelf management and warehouse applications

Constantly changing consumer preferences, increased price sensitivity, shorter product life cycles, and stiffer competition have posed a set of merchandising challenges to retailers, who now face constant pressure to optimize the supply chain and improve operational efficiency by reducing inventory, optimizing logistics, consolidating distribution centers and optimally allocating the stores.

Analysts can help you balance well between providing superior customer experience and optimizing for efficient operations.

How can we help?

  • Streamline customer order, fulfillment and return processes across your enterprise and supplier network
  • Analytics solutions to improve inventory planning and merchandising
  • Optimize pricing and promotions across product lifecycle using advanced analytics solutions
  • Supply chain analytics and business intelligence for superior supply chain visibility
  • Warehouse management solutions

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