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Open Source

Embrace innovation and growth with improved delivery efficiency and high ROI.

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CMS Platform for Customer Engagement

Improve performance and scalability by optimizing data modeling and application code

“Once open source gets good enough, competing with it would be insane.”

– Larry Ellison

Open-source has created new opportunities for innovation and growth like never before. The reliability and efficiency of open-source services have started a stiff competition in the market against proprietary solutions. A key benefit of open-source is the absence of software licensing costs, improved delivery efficiency, and ROI. In addition to that, freedom from vendor lock-in has made open-source an appealing option.

Our Offerings

We provide end-to-end open-source solutions that align with cloud services for better security, improved productivity, and customer retention.

Open Source Strategy
Open Source Architecture and design
Open Source Implementation
Open Source Quality Assurance

Open Source Strategy

Analyze and select the right technology optimal for business growth, productivity, and performance based on your needs.

Our offerings:

  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • API strategy
  • Big data strategy
  • Platform re-engineering approaches

Open Source Architecture and Design

We provide Design & Architecture services in the following areas:

  • Platform re-engineering
  • IoT solutions
  • Multitenant multi-layered solutions (SaaS)
  • Cloud-ready architecture
  • API infrastructure and microservices
  • Mobile enablement and mobile-ready solutions

Open Source Implementation

We look at your business needs objectively and then devise an implementation strategy to work with.

Our offerings:

  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • API Strategy
  • Big data strategy
  • Platform re-engineering approaches

Open Source Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) services enable you to minimize defects and optimize the utilization of your system, resulting in better quality and lower cost. Make your applications world-ready with our full spectrum of QA services. With our extensive experience in creating and executing QA strategies, we take end-to-end responsibility for your QA requirements for improved software lifecycle efficiency and accelerated time-to-market.

With our 50+ years of experience in providing testing and test automation services to several Fortune 500 clients, we have fine-tuned our processes to save the time and cost of our customers

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Our Differentiators

Accelerate time-to-market with increased agility, stronger collaboration, and more time to focus on business and customer needs.

What we provide:

  • Superior quality of engineering
  • Agile and faster development cycles
  • Reduced total-cost-of-ownership
  • Increased performance, security, and scalability
  • Outcome-focused partnership

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