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Featured Case Study

Upgraded Bureau of Investigation’s statewide information sharing portal

The State needed to upgrade their statewide criminal justice portal to provide a better access to more data sources, and adding alerts alerting and notifications to criminal justice users.

Financial Services

Featured Case Study

Financial Services technology firm was seeking a strategic partner to build their next-generation enterprise SaaS platform.

This financial services firm engaged Analysts to review and refine their proposed architecture and quickly build and deliver an initial pilot release, allowing our client to stay ahead of the tech curve within the industry.


Featured Case Study

Mobility Solution for Medical Communications Company

Client needed an IOS based application to be used by medical representatives to manage various attendee details. The client needed to streamline the sign in process and provide the users to work in online and offline mode.


Featured Case Study

Mobile Accelerator for a Leading Logistics Provider

This logistics and fleet management services firm engaged us to build a mobile application that would help trucking companies more efficiently manage their fleets.


Featured Case Study

Helped a leading health plan customize their core applications to improve their retail and managed care business.

The client needed to maintain and send member enrollment, provider network, broker/agent association and claims information to all downstream systems.


Featured Case Study

Data Warehousing Solution for an International Travel Provider

This travel package provider eliminated third-party subscription costs by working with us to implement a company web portal to share business reports with stakeholders.


Featured Case Study

Real-Time Wholesale Power Prices Determination

This RTO wanted a mobile application that would give them access to real-time wholesale power prices, grid conditions, electricity use, and other data to support their decision-making.


Featured Case Study

Business Intelligence Solutions for a leading Steel Manufacturer

This steel manufacturer engaged us to help with a number of BI and automation solutions with a focus on improving accuracy, performance, and delivery.


Featured Case Study

Next Generation E-tailing Solution

This training solutions provider needed a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System to support and manage an online learning environment for their customers.


Featured Case Study

Implemented highly intuitive reporting solution for a technology solutions provider

Client needed to replace their existing reporting solution with a robust, modern, browser-based reporting application with an intuitive UX, rich UI and faster response time.


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