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Healthcare Technology

Accelerate product development to derive benefits of healthcare analytics, IoT & Big Data

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Service Request Portal Development

Reduced downtime and complexity of the existing architecture, and enabled online enrollment to increase engagement.

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Get the advantage of Analysts’ core technological strengths to power your business and race ahead of your competition

Latest technology stacks to power your innovations

Extended engineering team model to accelerate product development

Agile application development services across all platforms

Uncover the business value with healthcare analytics, IoT & Big Data

Best-in-class services backed by a highly predictable delivery model

Several years of experience in the healthcare domain

Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream

As healthcare becomes more and more consumer-focused, technological advances such as wearable and new age consumer wellness apps are hogging the limelight more than ever before. While the whole space is still in its infancy, early movers have already started realizing its vast potential. Whether you are building the next consumer healthcare app or looking to augment your existing offering, speak to us on how we can partner to bring in the skills and the ability to scale while empowering you to disrupt the space.

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  • Get custom middleware solutions to better manage order to manage enrollment programs and data.
  • Modernize your existing medication management applications

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