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Talent Advantage Path (TAP) Program

We have spent many hours over the past few years conducting focus groups with our Professionals to better understand what they want most from the agency they work through. The focus groups consistently revealed that our professionals want us to provide more resources and guidance on how to make themselves more marketable and how our professionals can better promote their skills.

As a result, we have been developing the Talent Advantage Path (TAP). TAP has four key areas that we are in the process of building out so that we can explain why the elements of the Path are important and provide exceptional resources to our professionals to help them build these elements out in the resumes and highlight them via social media. They are Skills Based Volunteering; Team Based Volunteering; Non-Profit Board Leadership; Thought Leadership and Domain Expertise.

Research shows that Hiring Managers are interested and place a priority on candidates who are involved in their community and display a passion to exercise their skills in constructive ways that demonstrate leadership and benefit others.