Cloud Migration

Proven framework and methodology

Looking for Zero-Impact Cloud Migrations?

Migrating your applications to the Cloud requires a methodology with the right combination of tools, process, and experience. Our Cloud experts will analyze your current landscape and recommend the optimal approach to rehost, refactor, rewrite, re-platform, rearchitect, or retain your applications to meet your migration needs.

• Tool-set based migration approach
• Proven framework and methodology
• Reliable, predictable, faster, and cost-effective migration

We have the tools, capabilities, and experience to support your migration needs across all Cloud platforms.

Analysis and Planning

  • Infrastructure and cost review
  • Application footprint analysis
  • Dependencies and risks
  • Detailed roadmap preparation

Proof of Concept and Validation

  • Data center setup on Cloud platform
  • Networking and security configuration
  • Database backup strategies
  • Application deployment automation

Migration to Cloud

  • Business application migration
  • Database migration to managed/IaaS service
  • Custom machine images for legacy applications
  • Testing, deployment, and cutover

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