Justice Integration Services

Protecting our health, our communities, and our way of life

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We can make it possible for you to access diverse information from disparate sources, share real-time confidential information, generate actionable intelligence, and make better-informed decisions as you work to protect our health, our communities, and our way of life.

Our focused work in this area began in the 1990s with the design, development, and implementation of a State Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) that became a model for other states and remains in operation today. We built on this work to become a leader in the development and deployment of Public Safety, Justice, and Homeland Security applications and solutions. Today, we offer this expertise within the private sector as well.

  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Information Sharing and Business Process Optimization
  • Identity and Privacy Management

We are data security experts with deep expertise in Identity Federation. Our team includes certified trainers in JIEM, NIEM, and GJXDM, helping practitioners nationwide to understand, adopt, and use these important tools for their success.

Members of our original team remain actively engaged within the justice community. Our consultants are current in latest technologies, and many carry advanced certifications in their fields. Our work includes participation on organizational committees to develop standards and best practices central to Justice and Public Safety. And our Practice Director serves on the Board of Directors of the IJIS Institute.

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