Quality Assurance

Testing excellence accelerates time-to-market

The right test strategy for each situation

Your choice of test strategy is driven by business need and environment. We can help you choose the strategy that will work best for your situation and then take end-to-end responsibility for delivering it.

  • Improved development efficiency
  • Shorter test cycles
  • Reduced total-cost-of-ownership
  • Increased quality, performance, security, and scalability
  • Outcome-focused partnership

Our Testing Center of Excellence framework gives greater visibility into overall quality across software projects, thereby improving efficiency, optimizing resource/tool utilization, and lowering testing costs.

Manual Testing Services

Manual testing is reliable, flexible, and cost-effective for short-term needs. Our manual testing services can be initiated quickly, and are most beneficial when human intuition, inference, and reasoning are required. Services include Functional testing, Usability testing, Browser compatibility testing, Regression testing, and Smoke testing.

Test Automation Services

Automated testing provides high reusability, supports stability and scalability, reduces testing time, and can provide significant cost savings in the long term. We use Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools and follow a structured approach to automation design and development. Our test automation services include Assessment, Testing Tool Advisory, Framework Development, Test Suite Development and Maintenance, and Custom Test Suite Development.

Performance Testing Services

Performance testing helps you evaluate application responsiveness, speed, scalability, and stability under a variety of load conditions. We apply best practices, standards, methodologies with a tailored approach to providing end-to-end performance testing services.

  • Load, Stress, Volume, Soak and Spike testing
  • Capacity Planning and Scalability Testing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance Analysis and Identification of Bottlenecks
  • Performance Tuning and Bench-marking
  • Performance Engineering

Proprietary Test Accelerator

Our proprietary test accelerator can jumpstart your testing project, saving time and cost. This tool integrates with Defect Reporting Tools (e.g., HP, ALM, JIRA) and continuous integration tools (e.g., Jenkins, Team City).

  • Schedules custom batches for smoke, sanity, regression
  • Supports cross-browser testing
  • Captures page load and response time
  • Captures JavaScript errors and broken links
  • Provides for Project Status updates
  • Supports trends analysis

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