DSaaS – Data Science as a Service

Establish internal data analytics capabilities

Looking for a partner to help you set up your Data CoE?

As sophisticated data and analytics programs become more mainstream, IT organizations are looking at expanding their internal capabilities to build and support the needs of their business users. Our Data Scientists can help you evaluate, design, implement, and manage your data analytics and services.

Market Research

We research your position in your market space to identify current issues, gather and analyze customer and competitor data, assess the market, and identify business risks.

Assessments and Roadmaps

We work with you to understand your information landscape, devise a strategy to collect data that informs your goal, and create a roadmap for building the analytics solutions and team that are right for your organization.


We implement end-to-end analytics solutions to your requirements. This may include collecting, cleaning, and organizing data from disparate sources. We also build the optimum blend of machine learning, statistical, and neural network models to inform your decision making.


We build custom dashboards to make your data readily available to the stakeholders who need it. These dashboards can be accessed through standalone applications and custom mobile applications. Additional tools and accelerators are also available to support interactive and insightful use.

Training and Support

Our training services begin with a needs assessment. We then work with you to design and implement the optimum program to upskill your existing workforce and hire individuals as needed to extend the skills of your team. Ongoing support services include model performance assessments, automated model evaluation, and follow-on training.

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