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Solving crimes, arresting, prosecuting, and monitoring offenders is a complex puzzle. To assemble the pieces, criminal justice agencies need access to diverse information from disparate sources. We help these agencies share real-time, confidential information, generate actionable intelligence, and make more informed decisions as they protect our health, our nation, and our way of life.

State and Local Government Solutions

Information Sharing and Business Process Optimization

Our solutions leverage National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and other national standards.

  • Criminal Justice Information Sharing Systems
  • Public Safety/Homeland Security Information Sharing Systems
  • Health and Human Services Information Sharing Systems

Business Intelligence/Analytics

We design and deploy solutions that collect, analyze, and disseminate critical information to improve situational awareness and decision-making.

  • Criminal History and Incident Reporting Systems
  • Predictive Policing Systems


  • Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Portals
  • Intra-State and Inter-State Information Sharing Systems
  • Sex Offender Registries

Identity and Privacy Management

Enterprise solutions that leverage the Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) security framework.

Data Quality Management

  • Common Client Index/Master Patient Index
  • Crime Index/Master Name Index
  • Master Data Management Solutions

IT Solutions for Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Here are a few examples of how we have helped state governments in the Justice, Law Enforcement and Public Safety space.


We deployed the Arizona Disposition Reporting System to improve reporting of disposition and sentencing information for public safety agencies and to improve secure sharing of arrest and charging information to law enforcement and justice community members.


We deployed a statewide law enforcement switch and replatformed eight applications to facilitate statewide sharing of criminal justice data. We also developed a project to automate business processes and data exchanges between criminal justice agencies, which was a Best of NIEM Award winner.


We are leading the requirements, design, and development of the Connecticut Information Sharing System (CISS) for information sharing between Connecticut justice agencies and local agency records management systems. This includes development of a federated security architecture, LEXS-based web services, configuration of the user portal to search fourteen data sources, a multi-entity index, and integration of forty-six information exchances for intra- and inter-agency workflows.


Analysts documented requirements and high level design for the state’s incident data repository.
We developed new architecture for the secure Kansas CJIS portal to enable authorized users to view data from ten statewide and local data sources. We also developed an electronic disposition reporting system to improve the quality of computerized criminal history data. This project won a Best of NIEM Award.
Leveraging national standards, we designed a statewide repository for citation information and the automated flow of information between the Kansas Highway Patrol, local law enforcement, the Bureau of Investigation, Courts, Department of Corrections, and Department of Transportation.
We also assisted the State in modifying a government off-the-shelf Sex Offender Reporting application to meet their needs.


We designed and developed an electronic disposition reporting system for statewide court reporting. We developed an Applicant Tracking System to assist State staff in tracking applicant and agency background check requests and related fees. We also provided strategic consulting to the Wyoming Supreme Court to create a CJIS Roadmap, deployed the Wyoming CJIS information-sharing platform and portal.
We worked to re-platform Wyoming’s Computerized Criminal History application, including Concealed firearm permit (CFP) with interfaces for law enforcement message switch, FBI CJIS, DMV, biometric identification system (ABIS) integration and WIN.


We integrated the Missouri State Highway Patrol identity and access management solution with the FBI’s N-DEX Search Portal – the State’s first GFIPM-conformant application. We also helped implement an integrated statewide portal and information sharing architecture.


We enhance and support the Nebraska CJIS portal, which integrates over 450 sources and supports over 5,000 users. This is one of the broadest reaching statewide justice information sharing portals in the country, including integrations with Probation, Education, Department of Labor and other social services entities in addition to traditional justice partners. We provide ongoing enhancement support for the Nebraska Juvenile Case Management System. We also built a Criminal History application for the Nebraska State Patrol.


We worked with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to deploy an information sharing and analytics system for the Las Vegas Fusion Center. We also worked with Clark County to re-platform its criminal history application. This project was a Best of NIEM Award winner.


Analysts provided IV&V support to the team implementing the new statewide law enforcement switch and criminal history system.


Whitepaper on Blockchain & Protective Orders

The Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Institute recently published a whitepaper on the use of Blockchain for protective orders, produced by an IJIS Blockchain Task Force.Evaluate whether distributed ledger technologies (i.e., blockchain technologies) can assist participants in the protective order process to more efficiently and effectively issue and disseminate protection orders, as well as address challenges related to security, authority, validity, and auditability.

Industry Leadership and Expertise

We participate actively in national organizations to develop standards and best practices.

  • Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global) Security Working Group
  • Global Standards and Infrastructure Working Group
  • IJIS Institute Board of Directors
  • IJIS Institute Emerging Technology Committee
  • IJIS Institute Corrections Advisory Committee
  • IJIS Institute Technical Advisory Committee

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