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Reformed Terminal Automation System

Reduced risk by upgrading existing systems


  • The client was using a terminal automation system that managed product movements and inventory for terminals of any size and handling multiple products.
  • The existing system was outdated and did not allow further enhancements.
  • The inability to upgrade the system led to unsafe working conditions, loss of material and ineffective asset utilization; hence impacted the profitability of the terminal.


  • Terminal automation system used to monitor, control and manage the entire product-handling process was stabilized by upgrading the system.
  • Identified and developed the plugins required to eliminate material handling wastage.
  • Debugged the existing client-server application and resolved system issues.
  • Migrated VIMS process and business from JBoss 4 to JBoss 6, and resolved the complications that occurred during the process.

Tools & Technologies

Java, Oracle, Eclipse, Spring, Jenkins, JBoss

Key benefits

  • Material wastage reduced by 7%. 
  • Enriched client’s business by adding new functionalities to the newly migrated system and facilitating future enhancements to the existing functionalities. 
  • Enhancements in the existing system will reduce the risks involved in the product handling process thereby reducing the operating costs and ensuring safer working conditions. 
  • Effective asset utilization and material management continue to show a positive impact on the profitability of the terminal.