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Data Migration from On-Premise to Azure

Migrated data from client's server to Azure to ensure high availability even during peak time.


  • The client has dev servers, staging servers, production servers, and database servers on-premise. They wanted the whole setup to be migrated to Azure. Dev, Staging, Production WEB and DB servers.
  • Needed the new setup to have high availability as well as ready for disaster recovery.


  • Deployed the application to app-service in Azure (PaaS) using the PowerShell scripts
  • Took the backup of the on-premise database and restored it to Azure SQL Database.
  • Performed disaster recovery procedures on the database and made the database available in different regions through geo-replication.
  • Performed continuous integration and deployment to different environments in the Azure Cloud.
  • Managed the application’s traffic by using traffic manager in Azure.

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure, Powershell, SQL

Key benefits

  • An application with high availability even during peak time.
  • Automatic failover is available for the database in case of any disaster.
  • No manual setup and monitoring of the servers required as the same is handled by Azure.
  • The client can monitor both the web and DB server status in Azure.
  • The application’s load is balanced by the traffic manager.