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Integrated contract management with Salesforce

Track appropriate customer information for invoicing and collections


  • Needed fast, simple and secure agreement to strengthen connections with the customers during the contract signing process.
  • Ability to track appropriate customer/contract information for invoicing and collections.


  • Designed to integrate directly into Salesforce, DocuSign, and worked together with Drawloop.
  • The salesperson can select specific clauses or words necessary to a specific contract.
  • Drawloop takes the data (like customer name, product details, etc.) from the opportunity in Salesforce and merges it into a DocuSign template to create an assembled PDF document.

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce, eclipse, Docusign

Key benefits

  • Deal close cycle time cut from 2 days to 71% in less than 1 hour, and to 90% in less than 1 day.
  • Time spent per quote per Account Executive reduced by 10 minutes.
  • Integrated directly into Salesforce, streamlining contract workflows.
  • Improved contract security by generating non-modifiable PDFs of contract documents.