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Sales funnel management for Revenue Recognition

Increase visibility with the revenue scheduling process


  • Enhanced control over the sales forecasting process
  • Better visualization of the forecasting, revenue scheduling, and revenue recognition processes
  • Enable a regional sales manager to figure in reimbursable expenses and journal entries in the final recognized revenue


  • Enhanced visibility of the revenue scheduling process
  • Custom forecasting tab showcasing the revenues for each user at each stage of the sales process in a graphical and tabular format
  • A custom reimbursable expenses page which enables a sales manager of a region to add billable expenses for the region (EMEA/APAC/NA)
  • Integration of recognized revenue data from Netsuite into Salesforce to provide a complete understanding of the sales funnel at the company

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce, Eclipse, Microsoft Excel

Key benefits

  • Enhanced control over the sales forecasting, revenue scheduling and revenue recognition process in the sales funnel, thereby providing precise revenue numbers and advanced analytical capabilities
  • Enabled regional sales manager to account for reimbursable expenses and journal entries in the sales revenue