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Drug History App Revamp

Modernized the client's medical management system and implemented a framework for test automation


  • The client needed a partner to accelerate their product development efforts for medication management and drug history applications.
  • Client’s legacy systems needed to be modernized with a focus on modularity and performance improvement.
  • The client needed a framework to improve regression testing and reduce the time taken for the same across applications.


  • Revamped client’s drug history application to Spring and MyBatis using Servlet technology.
  • Re-architected the medication management application to support multi-tenant and deployed as SaaS. Functional modules were developed as bundles and were deployed on OSGi containers.
  • Proposed and implemented Lucene as a client database and SOLR as the central database for managing efficient searches in the standalone medication management system.
  • Implemented Jenkins and Fitness frameworks for test automation to enhance client’s build and release processes.

Tools & Technologies

Spring, Jenkins, OSGI Alliance, Solr, Lucene, Oracle

Key benefits

  • Owing to the enhanced backend framework and frontend UX changes the response times in the drug history module were improved by 70%.
  • SaaS model medication management can now support around 500 concurrent users per tenant and can be scaled further with additional containers under load balancers.