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Predicting Buying Decisions

We helped one of our clients in the industry leverage the ability to interpret customer behavior from past purchases.


  • The client wanted to migrate from a legacy reporting system to new age system which helps in making predictive analysis using past data
  • They wanted to understand the combination of items which a customer is most likely to purchase based on past trends


  • Data Models were developed in Tableau and SSRS and exposed to end users for supporting on-demand custom reports
  • Data is rectified using Microsoft data quality service and is factored in for future data loads
  • ABC (Audit Balance Control) layer processes ensure that source data is not corrupted in the extraction process but however integrity of data between source and target is maintained
  • Integration services handled different load patterns like truncate loads, delta loads, slowly changing dimensions and aggregate loads

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau, R

Key benefits

  • Performance of reports was improved by 60%
  • Precise and clear reporting on various aspects like membership – activations & deactivations, chargebacks, sales, etc
  • Standardized warehousing system and reporting environment
  • Interactive dashboards that show KPIs and their performance over time with drill-down features