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Patient Risk Score Prediction

Implement a solution to identify the patient's risk score based on his/her profile


  • The client wanted to implement a solution to identify the patient’s risk score based on his/her profile – a demographic, health condition, etc.
  • The aim is to identify the set of individuals prone to diseases who would benefit from proactive care or lifestyle changes
  • For example, those patients at risk of developing diabetes, who would benefit from preventive care


  • Collected patient profiles from various ETL Data pipelines and fed into the database
  • Used factors such as demographics, disease conditions and HCC model to arrive at a total individual risk factor
  • Used clustering algorithms to identify the classes of ailments patients are suffering from based on the claims data.
  • Using the model, we could provide a risk score for patients.


Tools & Technologies

R, Python, Greenplum, Hortonworks, tableau

Key benefits

  • The ultimate goal of Risk model is improving quality of care while reducing cost.
  • It improves the care of those with the chronic and costly disease by using IT solutions that track and manage their care.
  • This is a model is a win-win element for patient and providers which improves clinical care & outcomes while reducing costs.