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Generating actionable insights

Business intelligence and report generation of data for decision making


  • Client dealt with a huge amount of data on a daily basis but was not able to utilize it properly for decision-making purposes
  • The client needed to bring all data together at one place and to be able to convert it into actionable insights by generating relevant business reports


  • Gathered business requirements from the client, converted it into a business document and performed the following key action items:
  • Developed SSRS reports analyzing client’s data
  • Created SSIS packages for data refresh and for sending emails
  • Fixed the technical glitches within existing reports if any
  • Provided a quick workaround for the end-user for incident tickets
  • Developed highly interactive Tableau dashboards for better UI

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Tableau, Sharepoint

Key benefits

  • The client can now analyze its cost-saving, operational services and tender information for better decision making
  • Enabled client to gain deep insights into Carrier Performance Evaluation, Supplier Compliance Analysis, Capacity Planning, Routing, Scheduling, and various other areas
  • Availability of highly interactive Tableau dashboards for better UI and performance using the existing SSRS reports