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Enhancing CRM with a chat-bot

Implemented chat-bot to fetch data


  • The client wanted to overcome the limitations of their current infrastructure.
  • By providing on-demand insights using an interface that is not technically daunting for customer service representatives.
  • As they may not know how to query a database and need to fetch the latest events generated from card reader associated with the fuel management system for problem identification


  • Developed a Chatbot using IBM Watson development framework and integrated it with their web.
  • The interface that customer care representatives can use to identify the issue.Used IBM Watson internal NLP algorithm and parser to identify the intent and entities in the entered text input.
  • Constructed HiveQL queries from the NLP algorithm output.
  • Used Webhook to connect to the database and retrieve query results.
  • Formatted retrieved data and presented to the customer care executive

Tools & Technologies

Python, IBM Watson, Hortonworks, Hive

Key benefits

  • Customer care executives can fetch a specific set of insights by interacting with the bot in plain English.
  • Insights available on-demand leading to better analysis and quicker resolution.
  • Improved customer experience and better utilization of resources.
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure leading to no extra cost or process changes.