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Data Mashing

Combine selected data sets and provide download capability to the combined data sets


  • The client had millions of data sources with them and provides users the capability to search relevant data sets and combine them with their data set/ any data source.
  • They needed search with faceted filters capability to search their data sources
  • They needed a way to combine these selected data sets and download capability for that combined data set


  • Analyzed client’s requirements and designed a bold, modern and user-friendly design using react and redux for Web UI development
  • Used Neo4j graph Database to control the data flow and to maintain data with relationships
  • Used python as API provider (Middle Tier)
  • Used Elasticsearch to search the data sources, which enables full-text search and provides facets and helps in a synonym search

Tools & Technologies

React, Python, Redux, Neo 4j, Elastic, Apache Spark

Key benefits

  • Highly engaging visuals and navigation features
  • Highly responsive web platform which is able to adapt dynamically for different devices and channels
  • Provided faceted search capability to search data sources
  • Provided Dynamic/Reusable UI components
  • Considered performance and security are major focuses while providing the Solution