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Data Mashing

Combined selected data sets and provided download capability for the same


  • The client had millions of data sources, and they offer their users the capability to search relevant data sets and combine them with their own data set/any data source.
  • They needed the capability to search with faceted filters.
  • They needed a way to combine these selected data sets and the capability to download them.


  • Designed a bold, modern and user-friendly design using React and Redux for Web UI development.
  • Used Neo4j graph database to control the data flow and to maintain data with relationships.
  • Used Python as the middle tier API provider.
  • Implemented Elasticsearch as the search engine for data sources to enable full-text search, synonym search and provide facet filters.

Tools & Technologies

React, Python, Redux, Neo 4j, Elastic, Apache Spark

Key benefits

  • Highly engaging visuals and navigation features.
  • Highly responsive web platform which can adapt dynamically to different devices and channels.
  • Faceted search capability to search for data sources to help users narrow the search by what’s important, based on the search terms they use, and without limiting their choice to exactly one item.
  • Provided Dynamic/Reusable UI components.
  • Enhanced performance and security.