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Resource Management for Business Optimization

Helped in implementing ACA requirements through changes in state government direction and policies


  • Needed help implementing ACA requirements and timelines while handling the changes in state government directions and policies.
  • They were looking for a full team of Medicaid-experienced resources who could become productive quickly.
  • This team needed the skills and experience to set up baseline requirements for the project and gather high-level requirements to capture federal funding.
  • The work also involved creating a new PMO to manage the rollout of ACA initiatives supporting: Managed Care Plans, Data Hub, and the Center for Shared Services in the area of Medicated Modernization.


  • Worked with the client to develop and execute an ‘elastic’ team resource plan for this project.
  • We activated a managed team of business consultants who were able to engage and disengage efficiently as project needs demanded.
  • Our initial team was staffed with a Business Analyst Lead, a Senior Project Management Lead, and eight Business Analysts.
  • To extend our access to specialized resources in a short timeframe, we also partnered with a local firm to engage more than a dozen additional resources for our team.
  • Throughout the project, we were able to provide fluctuating resource levels from 10 to 25 skilled consultants at any given time.

Tools & Technologies

Key benefits

  • The client was able to meet all State and Federal mandated timelines at or under budget.
  • More than 500,000 people signed up for insurance through the State’s health insurance exchange portal within the mandated timeline.
  • At a special event, the Governor recognized the project teams that contributed to the success of this project.