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Centralized Analytics & Reporting

Extract and integrate data from various platforms and transfer the data to the cloud-based data warehouse


  • The client is in need of a solution to integrate data from various advertisement platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Shopify Ads, etc.
  • They wanted to extract data from these platforms and transfer to it a cloud-based data warehouse
  • They wanted to centralize the advertisement data to enable data science operations
  • They wanted to create an analytical database to enable historical reporting and analysis



  • Integrated Adwords module using BigQuery data transfer services by synchronizing Adwords to BigQuery
  • Configured a portal using an open source framework ( to load integrated Facebook data to the cloud-based data warehouse (Amazon Redshift)
  • Designed a microservice for seamless transfer of data across data warehouses using Scala
  • Automated end to end flow to provide real-time updates of customer enrolment

Tools & Technologies

Scala, AWS, Python, Google cloud platform, Google Adwords

Key benefits

  • Eliminated 3rd party tool which charges per customer ~$100 – $1000/month based on the data pulled (5–250 million rows/month)
  • Eliminated two other 3rd party tools to which resulted in huge cost savings
  • Significant reduction in operational cost due to custom built scalable connectors and APIs
  • Minimal maintenance cost despite frequent changes in source systems, due to the robustness of the code