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Common Portal Creation

Developed an application for users to login, access and act upon risk, insurance, wellness, and benefits information at one place.


  • The client has complete data in Epic systems. They do not have a portal where clients can look at their policy documents/details.
  • The client wanted to develop an application for users to login, access and act upon risk, insurance, wellness & benefits information in one place.
  • Needed functionality to access other dependent sites through the same login.
  • Role-based security required for accessing available resources.


  • Developed an MVC4 web application, integrated Azure AD as its authentication module that provides single sign-on(SSO) behavior for all applications for authentication.
  • Used Angular.js as a client-side framework for better performance.
  • Used AADConnect tool for integrating organizational/internal users.
  • Active Directory groups were used to assign user roles.

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft .NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Angular JS.

Key benefits

  • Earlier, a program change usually takes a couple of days due to the manual process involving making phone calls and sending emails.
  • With the Client portal, the same change takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Flexible, user-friendly, faster Web application with a single sign-on feature.
  • Enhanced user experience and enabling them to navigate through the available resources.