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Automated Data Update

Automated tracking of shipping statuses,rate lookups, and capacity servers


  • The client needed to automate tracking of shipping statuses, rate lookups, and capacity services from several 3PLcustomers, other websites and update its internal applications/notifications.
  • Most of the processes that need to be automated involved a lot of manual effort.
  • Thus, prone to human error and also delays in the availability of data and updates


  • Implemented 250+ process robots for automating routine tasks using Kofax Kapow.
  • Robots extract relevant data from logistics providers’ websites or/and from pdf, excel, XML files. Robots populate the extracted data into desired destinations (Databases, Excel, PDF, etc.) based on the business need.
  • These robots handle various streams like Shipment status updates from the carrier, Paperwork robots for
  • Delivery Acknowledgement, Appointment Scheduling, Internal process automation

Tools & Technologies

Kofax, Kapow, Oracle

Key benefits

  • The client automatically gets the most recent data and can see any risks and delays on a dashboard. This saves a lot of manual effort
  • Considering all robots average cost saving per annum is $750,000
  • Business-critical reports with the most recent data are easily available to the user within hours as compared to days earlier
  • Highly efficient operations due to the timely availability of updates and error-free operations