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Upgradation of Legacy System

Installation of new hardware and migration of ERP system from Infor Lawson LSF9 to LSF10


  • Needed installation of new hardware.
  • The client wanted to migrate their ERP system from Infor Lawson LSF9 to LSF10.
  • The client wanted upgradation of services with project planning and technical services.


  • The client was running on a Solaris/Oracle platform and migrated to a RedHat Linux/Oracle platform as part of this upgrade.
  • LSF with Infor Lawson Enterprise Applications (i.e., Financial, HR/Payroll, and Supply Chain Suites).
  • Infor Landmark (LMK) Runtime 10 with Infor Process Automation (IPA).
  • Infor Ming.le foundations created with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Infor Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) and Infor Smart Office (ISO) were implemented.
  • Two versions of 10 System Builds.
  • Ran application upgraded programs, migrated initial metadata, UAT technical support, production go-live support, and post-go-live support.

Tools & Technologies


Key benefits

  • New and better-suited hardware. 
  • Our project planning, technical services, and application services assisted the client in the upgradation of their ERP system to the latest version.
  • We also assisted in the analysis of version 9.0.1 software customizations and provided additional ad-hoc technical support to help migrate and re-apply custom code in the version 10 system.