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About us

Companies are changing direction when it comes to their IT consulting services spend. Moving away from buying supplemental resource hours. Moving toward contracting for outcome-based solutions. With this trend comes an increased demand for shared responsibility between clients and their consulting firms. We embrace this trend. Since 1996, we have specialized in applying IT solutions to help companies like yours achieve their business objectives. How do we succeed? We invest in the success of your projects. We focus on outcomes, not hours. We control cost through quality and results. We excel in business and technology. We work with you the way you want to work, through a shared commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation.

We Have Been Serving Clients Since 1966

We have provided IT services for more than 50 years, and today we serve clients in all major industries across the country. With this experience and scope comes the ability to be flexible and collaborative. We don’t ask you to follow our path – we follow yours while putting our best practices in place.

Our IT Consulting Keeps the Focus on Your Business

We are invested with you in the success of your project. You achieve value through accelerated time-to-productivity, flexible and effective resource allocation, higher retention rates, consistency of skills and process, more efficient knowledge transfer, and the ability to focus on results rather than staff management. We achieve value through team expansion and development, and by growing a mature trusted partnership with you.

We are Known for Long-Term Relationships

We grow mature, trusted partnerships that withstand technology advancements and business trends. We remain committed to your business success with award-winning service and results. As a result, our clients and consultants stay with us – some for 30 years or more.

50 Years of Service

Recognition for Exceptional Client Service

“With a focus on providing U.S. companies with top notch IT talent for their project needs, Analysts received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from nearly 75 percent of their clients, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 32 percent. ‘Exceptional client service has been the hallmark of Analysts’ business for nearly 50 years,’ said Raj Sardana, Chief Executive Officer for ACS Group which purchased Analysts in October 2013. ‘We are proud and honored to carry on this great tradition of service and to be recognized for our efforts in this way. This is a strong testament to the work of our employees and their commitment and dedication to serving our clients’ added Sardana.” (Press release, Inavero Award, February 23, 2015)

ACS Acquired Analysts International Corporation

In October 2013, Analysts International Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of American CyberSystems, Inc. (ACS Group). “The successful completion of our acquisition of Analysts presents new opportunities for ACS Group and supports our strategy for growth in the marketplace,” said Rajiv Sardana, ACS Group’s chairman and CEO. “Together, we are well positioned to meet the evolving needs of the organizations we serve.” (Press release, October 2013.)

Lasting Client Partnerships

“Approximately 95% of our annual revenue is from services provided to our existing client base, which consists primarily of Fortune 500 companies. This high percentage of repeat business demonstrates our commitment to client satisfaction and the development of long-term relationships with our clients. Many of our client relationships go back more than a decade, some as far back as 25 years.” (Analysts International Corporation 2011 Form 10-K.)

Focus on the Public Sector

“Thanks to the efforts of our government solutions team, the pipeline of new opportunities in the public sector has increased in recent months and we will continue to aggressively pursue opportunities in this important market.” (Analysts International Corporation 2009 Annual Report.)

Upbeat on the IT Industry

“The market for information technology staffing and professional services labor is challenged but has not gone away. Businesses continue to invest in information technology and turn to companies like Analysts to provide the technical and intellectual bandwidth required to streamline their operations, serve their customers, and transform their business. Our brand is associated with integrity and trust, and our people are among the best in the business.” (Analysts International Corporation 2008 Annual Report.)

Eyeing Opportunities in IT

Several emerging trends began to impact the IT staffing business, creating substantial opportunities – and challenges. Among them were: A shortage of workers due to “baby boomer” retirements; the need to update and modernize legacy systems; a strong economy with robust job creation; the paring down of vendors to shorter, preferred lists; global sourcing; and the shift in decision-making from HR to Procurement. (Analysts International Corporation 2006 Annual Report.)

Eyeing Opportunities in IT

These years were a time of change and opportunity in the industry. High-volume staffing customers were gearing up to adopt the next generation staffing model. Mid-market clients were building and sustaining strong infrastructure services with world-class technology leaders. And consulting firms were consolidating into larger, but more flexible and efficient IT service and solution providers. (Analysts International Corporation 2004 Annual Report.)

Fred Lang Steps Down

“In 2002, Fred Lang, founder of Analysts International, announced that he would step down as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, a role that he had filled for 36 years. When he founded the Company in his Minnetonka Beach carriage house, he did so with three values as the bedrock for the way we would build the business: excellence, integrity, and innovation. Those three values remain the foundation of Analysts International today.” (Analysts International Corporation 2002 Annual Report.)

Measuring the Changing Landscape

“The IT landscape is changing. For example, supplemental staffing, the industry segment in which we started, is becoming a lower-margin business. We have taken action in response to such industry changes. Our initiatives include pursuing higher-margin, value-added services and aggressively leveraging the capabilities of e-commerce, as well as strengthening our own operations.” (Analysts International Corporation 1999 Annual Report.) “The Internet is changing how business is done, and the IT services market is poised to grow dramatically.” (Analysts International Corporation 2000 Annual Report.)

Certified for Quality Delivery

“As part of our quality assurance program, our Dallas branch office became ISO 9001 certified, affirming that its quality management procedures comply with international standards, with other branches to follow. An obsession with delivery of quality services is one of the fundamental principles that guides our company and is a key factor in our success.” (Analysts International Corporation 1998 Annual Report.)

Fixing the Y2K Puzzle

“During 1996, an increasing number of companies became acutely aware of the massive programming task that will be necessary to fix the ‘Year 2000’ problem. We are confident that with our project management experience and our year 2000 methodology, we will be able to work with clients to help them determine, and then implement, an appropriate strategy for Year 2000 compliance.” (Analysts International Corporation 1996 Annual Report.) “Over 85% of our total revenues in 1997 represent additional business from existing clients. We are proud of the longevity of our client relationships and gratified by the confidence our clients continue to show in us.” (Analysts International Corporation 1997 Annual Report.)

Focus on Quality

“Our branches use the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award criteria to regularly self-assess their operations and combine these findings with the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey to identify opportunities for improvement.” (Analysts International Corporation 1994 Annual Report.)

Building on Optimism

“Despite the recession, the basic trends underlying the growth of our business are intact. Corporations are accelerating the pace of outsourcing much of their software needs, gaining access to specialized skills on a flexible and cost-efficient basis. The market for computer software services was estimated at $16.8 billion in calendar year 1990, with a long-term growth rate of 12 percent. The recession represents a temporary interruption of that growth.” (Analysts International Corporation 1991 Annual Report.)

Building on Optimism

“The market for computer software services continues to expand rapidly. Industry estimates placed the size of the custom services market at $14.6 billion in 1987, with projected growth of 18 percent over the next five years. The current period of sustained economic growth has helped expand the software services market, and businesses of all kinds are generating an increasing demand for a variety of applications.” (Analysts International Corporation 1988 Annual Report.) Business Week magazine named Analysts one of the country’s “100 Best Small Corporations” in its issue of May 22, 1989.

Building on Experience and Expertise

“In the Company’s 20 years, nearly 10,000 projects have crossed the threshold. The Company’s expertise spans all of the data processing disciplines. Its technical staff works with every major manufacturer’s equipment, and in all significant programming languages, operating systems, and database management systems.” (Analysts International Corporation 1986 Annual Report.) “Analysts’ emphasis on experienced technical people has contributed to a high level of customer satisfaction. At year end, our client list numbered 413, and over 50 percent of our revenues were from Fortune 500 companies.” (Analysts International Corporation 1987 Annual Report.)

Building on Experience and Expertise

“We firmly believe that the future use of computers will be limited only by the time and cost of software applications development and the availability of qualified personnel. The size and strength of Analysts’ technical staff offers the user the capability of accomplishing an entire application from requirements analysis through implementation and training.” (Analysts International Corporation 1984 Annual Report.)

A New Mission Statement

“In January 1982, the company formalized a mission statement that recognizes the high value it has always placed on excellence, integrity, and innovation of the firm’s people. Analysts’ Mission: Analysts International Corporation is a solution-oriented company whose mission is to provide industry leadership by delivering high-quality services and products to clients. The company’s principal resource is people. Analysts is committed to attracting and developing the most talented professionals who are dedicated to excellence, integrity, and innovation.” (Analysts International Corporation 1982 Annual Report.)

Geographical Expansion

“During the first half of calendar year 1976, Analysts opened an office in Los Angeles to provide programming, analysis, and systems support to customers in that area. In addition, a Health and Education Consulting Division was established in the Minneapolis office.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in letter to shareholders, Analysts Annual Report as of June 30, 1976.) “Fiscal 1977 was a record year for Analysts. A recent Wall Street Journal article included estimates that software purchases will increase from last year’s $840 million to $3.5 billion by 1985. To extend our coverage of this expanding market, we opened an office in St. Louis last June.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in letter to shareholders, Analysts Annual Report as of June 30, 1977.)

Geographical Expansion

“In July, Analysts opened an office in the Greater Seattle area (Bellevue) and received a contract on the first day of activity. We now have offices in Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Toledo, Huntsville, and Seattle. Further geographic expansion is planned.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in a letter to shareholders, Analysts Annual Report as of June 30, 1974.) Since 1966, a large portion of our client base consisted of technology-oriented corporations. In 1975, these companies were joined by more user-oriented clients in industries such as banking and insurance, retail foods, healthcare, education, and manufacturers of consumer and defense products.

Ready for Post-Recession Market Expansion

1972 was a year of general economic improvement in the computer industry. After approximately two years of inactivity, our clients began renewing their technology investments. Unlike many other smaller firms in our industry, we survived the recession and were there to help with our trained staff, as envisioned earlier by our Management Team. Our steady growth continued. In 1973, with the recovery in full swing, our revenues grew by 41% over 1972. “The demand for experienced and highly qualified programming personnel at a reasonable rate and backed by a financially solid company is increasing, due simply to the value received by the computer user. Therefore, we view a future of continued profitable growth with confidence.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in letter to shareholders, Analysts Annual Report as of June 30, 1973.)

Our Stability During Recession

In our Annual Report for 1971, we again addressed the computer marketplace recession and its continuing impact on computer services companies. In just our sixth year of business, Analysts was already positioned as one of the more established and qualified firms of its kind: “Our longevity and stability is a strong competitive factor, for the recession has taken a severe toll in the number of companies operating in the computer service business. Many organizations (both government and business) now require financial and management stability information as part of a proposal and place considerable weight on these factors in making an award.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in letter to shareholders, Analysts Annual Report as of June 30, 1971.)

Our Vision Amid Recession

This year brought the first recession in the national computer marketplace – a selective recession in a sense, because many of the reductions were tied to military spending for computers and to the development of fewer special purpose systems. Regardless, our management team envisioned the future demand for programming and software development that was expected to increase in excess of 40% per year once the recession was over and the market recovery that was sure to follow. We already had a diversified base of more than 100 clients – a mix of computer manufacturers, banks, hospitals, insurance companies, and manufacturers. And our technical talent continued to grow and evolve. By the end of our fourth year, our analytical and programming services included consulting, systems analysis, programming, documentation, and training.

New Headquarters in Minneapolis

In 1969, Analysts moved to a new headquarters located in Minneapolis. “The growth potential in the software industry continues to be explosive, and the reputation our company has achieved assures that we will attain a major position in this field.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in letter to shareholders, Analysts Annual Report as of June 30, 1969.)

The Year of Rapid Expansion

“While our first year of operation was directed toward rapid expansion, our second year aimed at placing Analysts International Corporation in a solid profit position, as stated in our last annual report. This has been accomplished.” (Frederick W. Lang, President, in Analysts’ Annual Report as of June 30, 1968.)

Analysts International Corporation is Born

In the years following WWII, software development was primarily reserved for solving mathematical equations, while the business of the computer industry concentrated on the development of hardware. It wasn’t until the mid-sixties that companies began placing more emphasis on software design and development for faster and smoother operations of their business applications. Analysts was there.

On March 29th, 1966, Analysts was founded to provide software consulting services to all types of businesses – and our early insights were right on target. Business by business, industry by industry, companies were turning to computerization to maximize their business output by increasing their speed of operations This quickly led to a shortage of programming staff, an absence of specific expertise, and an increase in demand as new users began to recognize the business value of software. Analysts was ready to provide assistance. In our first year of operation, our staff of 60 professionals served 27 clients from Analysts locations in Minnesota, Washington D.C, California, Alabama, Michigan, and New York. We were off to a great start.

Culture & Values

At the Forefront of Technology – With Core Principles that Never Go Out of Style

Our consultants help our clients conquer technology initiatives nationwide, and yet our commitment to quality and service is driven by the core principles that have guided us since 1966:

Integrity & Transparency

Passion for Technology

Unwavering Commitment

Pursuit of Excellence

Our Leadership

Raj Sardana

Raj Sardana

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

P. Nick Goel

P. Nick Goel

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Promod Vohra

Promod Vohra

Chief HR and Talent Strategy Officer and SVP, ACS Group

Jeff Hoekstra

Jeff Hoekstra

Vice President - Solutions & Strategy

Skip Fogus

Skip Fogus

Chief Delivery Officer

Paul Cmiel

Paul Cmiel

Vice President of Sales

Shyam Palreddy

Shyam Palreddy

Chief Technology Officer